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Journeying with Ms Ng

Ms Dorothy Ng specialises in mental health nursing. She has worked with adolescents and disturbed teenagers and is familiar with the psyche of teenagers. She is a warm and open-hearted lecturer with so much intuition that she can even sense students’ fears and anxiety. 

It is no wonder this caring and affable School of Health Sciences (SHS) lecturer is well loved by her students.

Ms Ng makes her tutorials fun, telling her students to “rock the whole place,” and sit on the floor, and celebrates birthdays and socialises with her students, allowing them to confide in her.

Little do we know she is actually an avid believer of Blooms Taxonomy, a classification of learning domains, and she believes avidly in stimulating the affective, cognitive and psychomotor domains.

Some of Ms Ng’s teaching methods include making her students experience situations instead learning theory. “I make them teach me things, to build up their self-esteem,” she said. “So they feel like I acknowledge their efforts and strength.”

When students are inattentive during her lecturers, she uses reverse psychology and says “No one seems to be listening to me”.  This works as an effective catalyst and her students look up and tell her they are listening immediately. To motivate students who are late for lessons, she gets the class to clap their hands and cheer them whenever they arrive punctually.

Her students care for her as they do for their family, and ask after her well-being when she falls sick.
There was one particular incident in which Ms Ng recounted, where she was involved in a mishap, and was rushed to the hospital.  

Her previous students were working nurses in that very hospital and accompanied her through her ordeal, reassuring her with the words: “Don’t worry teacher, we will take care of you.”

“I was embarrassed when I knew they had to assist me,” she said. “They used to be playful in school but they were so different when nursing me. My students really took care of me as if I was their loved one, very professional and I was so proud of them. They never let NYP down.”

It is incidents like this that make Ms Ng feel proud and motivated to teach. She describes her students as “awesome” and “uniquely different.” We are sure her students, and future students to come, will feel no less different about her.

Ms Dorothy Ng teaches Year 2 nursing students Nursing Skills & Mental Health Nursing. 

Monday's Entrepreneur: Ifeanyi Clothing

Ifeanyi: meaning GOD CAN DO ANYTHING in Ibgo.

Ifeanyi is a clothing line that I can honestly say I love and wear as much as I can, because not only is the founder (Robert Ross) an amazing guy doing a lot for our community but the line is HOT. Ifeanyi is a clothing line that is attempting to break the mild of people following the trends and is offering a unique brand that is more than just a clothing line; it is a movement. Ifeanyi supports the notion that anything is possible with effort and understanding of the world around you.

In the near future look for the Ifeanyi Kid's, Petite, Junior's, and Plus size lines. Fall 2012 Ifeanyi will branch out to it's Kid's line, so the whole family can express their unique style.

Ifeanyi Clothing is an affordable clothing line for an unsure economy.

Each season’s line demonstrates Ifeanyi’s continual goals to strive for originality beyond expectations.

“Let Ifeanyi Reflect Your Subconscious Choice to Stand Apart from Others”

Ifeanyi is available in Men's and Women's in sizes S to XL.







Founder Robert Ross

I got mine...Get your's....


To get your OWN Ifeanyi Gear:

Facebook: Ifeanyi Clothiing
Twitter: @mrdvm

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Who are the Faces Behind the Mascots?

By Cheang Hoi Yee, First Year, Diploma in Digital & Precision Engineering

Hurray! NYP is celebrating its 20th birthday. A number of mascots celebrated this joyous moment by walking around the campus during July to bring more excitement to the students.

But who are those mysterious faces behind the costumes? Are they different from the characters they played? Cheang Hoi Yee, year one Digital & Precision Engineering (DPE) student interviews Donald Duck and Super Mario, both year one DPE students, Darren Lim and Chow Yi Feng respectively, to find out what they are like in real life.

Q1: What character did you play?

Y: I played the Shark in the mascot parade and Super Mario during the Friendship Day.

D: I was the Donald Duck in the Friendship Day.

Darren (right) plays Donald Duck and likes to "act cute" too

Q2: How did you come about being a mascot? Were you invited or did you volunteer?

Y: I am a member of Student Union (SU), the main organizer of these events. I volunteered myself because compared to the other roles, this is funnier.

D: Same as Yi Feng, I am member of SU and I volunteered myself as well because this job looked fun to me.

Q3: Why did you choose to be this character?

Y: (Super Mario) Actually, we did not choose the characters but they chose us! It depended on how well the sizes of the costumes fit our bodies. I was supposed to be Kung Fu Panda but unfortunately, the costume was spoilt at that time, so I turned to the alternative, Super Mario.

Q4: Which character would you choose if given the chance to choose?

D: I think I would still choose to be Donald Duck because it is very cute, especially its actions.

Q5: What was it like being under the costume?

Y: It was much better than I thought and the costume really fitted me. I had a lot of fun. However it was very hot. I played Super Mario throughout the event and only rested for an hour. I really wished there was a fan in the costume.

D: Yes, it is funny but hot. The ‘Duck head’ was heavy so I had some difficulty balancing myself. Nobody would like to see Donald Duck fall with legs in the air, right?

Q6: How did you try to get into character? Was it difficult for you?

Y: I only played Super Mario once when I was small so I don’t actually know how this cute little man acts like. However, I tried to copy his actions.

D: I didn’t try to get into character. I was just myself and acted cuter than usual without being shy.
Q7: Did people generally prefer you in character?

Y: Yes, people like Super Mario. I could see many eye-opening reactions from different people: some of them became very excited, some snapped photos as if they saw a superstar while some cool ones behaved normally, as if mascots appeared everyday.

D: People are crazy about Donald Duck. They pointed at Donald Duck from far away, and some kept on laughing. Some of them reacted unexpectedly; they looked scared and ran away the moment they saw me.

Q8: Any funny encounters?

Y: Many people hugged me without asking for my permission. I felt okay, I won’t reject them when they hug me as Super Mario.

D: Yes, but some of those people were quite scary though. I was shocked when some of them ran towards me and looked like they were going to bang into me. My first reaction was to run away from them, but with those heavy big shoes, it was difficult to run. There were some who chased me and whacked my tail. Once they successfully caught my tail, they refused to let go. I had no choice but to stand at there and act very sad and hope they feel sympathetic enough to set my tail free.

Q9: What is the weirdest treatment you ever got when you are in costume?

Yifeng plays Super Mario and gets hugged without permission
D: There were ‘shocking’ moments when some curious babies peeped inside the ‘eyes’ to try to find out who was exactly inside the costume. When this happened, my vision was covered with blackness and it was quite terrifying.

Q10: Are you anything like your mascot character?

Y: I am not sure of his character. However, I think I am smarter than him.

D: I think Donald Duck and I are quite similar. Both of us like to act cute and are friendly. However, I’m not as short-tempered as him. In addition, I’m more shy in real life.

Q11: If you could be anyone/anything for 24 hours, who would you choose to be. Why?

Y: Perhaps someone powerful in heaven. I will slack in heaven, blank out my mind and then take many photos of the heaven. That would be funny and memorable.

D: I would be myself. I am happy to be myself and I am the best person I could have ever been.

Q12: If you were given 24 hours to live, how would you choose to live it?

Y: I will travel to the tips of Earth (But you only have 24 hours?). Then I will go to New York City. I have never been there. It looks interesting and I know somebody who is living there. It is a nice city.

D: Hmm……I would spend the precious 24 hours with my family members. I don’t spend enough time with my family currently. I just want to have a normal time with my family. We will have dinner and watch movies together.

The Life and Times of the Resourceful Resourceless

In today's times too many to count are struggling to survive simply because they are elderly or unable to work. The resources they need to survive are being played with like their lives are part of some giant game of monopoly. These tales are of and from one of the many who are forced to find resources where there are none.

Who is holding the Social Security checks, Veterans Adminstration, Medicaid, and Medicare hostage? Not the President of the United States. The Republicans and Democrats.

The way the Social Security works is a person receives a monthly check directly deposited into a bank account. The person cannot have over a certain amount of money in their account or they lose their benefits. So no savings allowed. They are suppose to be poor and needy right? Poor and needy people cannot have a savings for emergencies or anything else, according to the government.

With everything that is happening with the economy my mother, like many others, is facing the chance of losing her Social Security check - her means of survival - because the people in charge want to help those who have instead of the have-nots.

My mother lives on Social Security and knows that most days her medicine, rent, utilities, and groceries are being held hostage by the people she voted for to protect her. She can barely make due; if it wasn't for family and the few programs in our community she couldn't make it from month to month. Sadly, too many others are in the same position.

My mother just turned 75, is blind, has had 4 operations for eye cancer resulting in having her "good" eye removed, and suffers from Alzheimers. She worked until she could work no longer and now that she is in need she has to add worrying about her Social Security check to her health concerns. It doesn't seem fair. It's not fair.

Lack of Social Security for one month is worse to her than having an eye removed. Social Security is her only means of survivial, without it she will lose her home, be without the medicine she needs, and all the hard, back breaking labor she provided for her community - that promised to care for her as long as she pays into the Social Security fund - would be for not.

I hope she doesn't remember this part of her life since today she is a teenager again and none of this exists. But who knows what tomorrow brings or what she will be cognizant enough to understand.

Let my mother (and the countless others) continue to live or survive.

My grandmother - one of the many nameless, faceless, resourceless...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Reaching Dreams at Imagine Cup

By Marcus Lee, Year 3, Diploma in Digital Media Design

A smashing final year for School of Information Technology (SIT) student Mong Yunheng as he takes a top spot for NYP in New York

Imagine Cup is an annual competition sponsored and hosted by Microsoft Corp. It gathers students and aspiring young technologists around the globe to lend their hand in resolving some of the world greatest challenges. Running through two legs, in Singapore and the worldwide finals in New York, few have the honour of being placing top three in their categories.

This year, among the four categories in which Singapore made the finals, one of NYP’s students, Mong Yunheng, was awarded second runners-up worldwide for the IT Challenge segment of Imagine Cup 2011. Yunheng is a final year student from SIT doing his Diploma in Information Security. He is also one of NYP’s 4 Microsoft Student Partners.

Yunheng shared his experiences of participating in Imagine Cup, both in Singapore and New York.

He was inspired to compete in Imagine Cup because it allowed him to utilize the vast knowledge and skills he gained from his education and pit them against the difficult IT infrastructure scenarios presented to him during the course of the competition.

With the hurdle of juggling school work and delivering for the competition, Yunheng found the support from his lecturers and friends vital in managing the stress and giving him confidence for victory. Bolstered by his own capability and the training SIT has given him, he found himself in good stead and ready to take on his competitors.

Unlike most categories with national rounds, the IT Challenge comprised only of international rounds. So instead of competing against the 46 Singaporean competitors who were also vying to enter the finals, he was competing with over 6,000 people worldwide. Yunheng stated that this was the first time he has been “involved in a competition of this scale and the number of competitors definitely added more anticipation and excitement.”

During the first few hours of the competition, Yunheng was energetic and nervous, but as the hours passed, fatigue kicked in. Fortunately, during the 24 hour period the contestants were provided with a continuous supply of food and drinks such as Red Bull.

It was a big achievement for Yunheng to have achieved his position of second runner-up in this international competition, being one of the youngest candidates and pitting against university-level competitors. Yunheng sees each finalist as a champion in their own country and has also expressed that the journey was truly rewarding.

For his efforts, Yunheng was presented with US$3,000. He will be saving most of this fund for further studies, while a portion will be spent on gifts and meals to treat those who stood by and supported him during the competition.

For Yunheng, learning the new technologies introduced to him during the competition was enjoyable and enlightening. Describing the atmosphere of the competition and New York, Yunheng mentioned the competitors’ passion for technology and enthusiasm was contagious, which rubbed off others. He loved how it felt to be soaking up the atmosphere with a huge gathering of students who were passionate in the same field as he was.

The environment was also very vibrant, lively and unique as Yunheng describes the depth of the culture and architecture found down each section, or borough as referred to in New York. The people there were also very approachable and “some would even go out of their way to help a tourist” he told us.

“The girls will absolutely love it there because there are simply so many places to shop and things to buy,” he added.

Leaving us with advice for future participants for Imagine Cup or any other competition, Yunheng felt that perseverance is the key to success. “Stay positive and you will discover it will be a rewarding experience, just as I did” he summed up.

Confessions of a Couponer: Getting Started


Leigh Ann is back with more Confessions of a Couponer...


This is my story; how one momma earned the title “Couponer” (some say “extreme” but I do not feel I have earned that title yet). After hearing/seeing TLC’s new show. I began to reminisce back to when I first had my daughter and I did lots of couponing. I am a full-time teacher and in the spring realized I was going to be quite low this year on summer funds so decided to commit to a summer of couponing. Here is my story with a few recommendations from lessons learned. Feel free to ask questions.

How I started -

April/May - I simply bought newspapers, did online research, and set up customer rewards accounts. During this time of the year it’s very hectic around school with all the state testing. So I stuck to three basic tasks and set the goal to be complete within about 6 weeks. This research phase can probably be completed within 2 weeks it just depends on your personal preference but as I pointed out it was a very busy time of the year for me (I forgot to mention it was my hubby’s 30th birthday, a family cruise to celebrate, and my baby’s 2nd birthday so I was REALLY busy).

1. Buy the newspaper. Well kinda..Since this is titled “How I started” I’ll tell you want I did but I’m not necessarily recommending that this is “HOW YOU MUST DO IT” This is kinda a personal preference type of thing. I purchased 2 or 3 newspapers each Sunday and began asking friends/family for any coupon inserts they don’t use/want. Now at this point I had very little knowledge and I actually collected the papers but I did not sort or clip any coupons (again I don’t recommend following this method). Ultimately this was a double edge sword. I had a fantastic collection of coupons once I actually started “extreme couponing” but they were not organized they way I would go on to use therefore I did spend several long man hours with some friendly family volunteers to get the newspaper coupons all organized.

Recommendation - I recommend you DO gather newspapers during your “research” if you are unsure only collect 1 insert. I’ve seen it be recommended you collect 1 insert per household member but in the beginning 1 set of inserts is sufficient. Over time as you get into couponing regularly you will find a number of newspapers needed for your household.

2. I did lots of research reading “How to start...” blogs after the baby when to sleep. This helped keep my mind off of school and I found it interesting to read about others success. I had to learn the specific lingo, coupon organization methods, where to find coupons, and stockpile ideas. The research process is important for several reasons: it motivates, it familiarizes you with the jargon, and it exposes all the methods of couponing. I recommend checking out these sites which have great “how to start...” blogs

After checking out the “how to start....” I recommend doing your own generic searches for couponing blogs/websites. There are tons of websites dedicated to couponing. I have found I tend to stick with a select few but in the beginning during my “research” faze I was reading and viewing everything and anything on couponing. As you will see on some of these websites I also found that there are tons of “how to couponing...” videos on

3. Setting up customer reward program accounts was an easy process for me. Basically many grocery and pharmacy stores offer reward programs through the use of a store card. In the past I had cards but I never worried about maintaining them and at times I even would use other peoples cards. As an extreme couponer it is vital to maintain your store reward cards. I started with Giant, my local grocery store. I had a card but I did not know that you can go online and register the card. I am now able to view specific “gas points”. Many grocery stores offer coupons online that can be added to directly to your card. (no clipping or organizing YAY!) The next card I took care of was CVS. I activated my online access to my account and updated all the information. At that point I did not sign up for any new cards because I was just beginning and wanted to stick to three stores: Giant (my regular grocery), CVS (i was familiar with their plan from previous couponing experiences), and Target (i LOVE that place).


1st - check out your local and most commonly used grocery store’s website and get signed up for an accurate account online and in the store

2nd - research CVS, Rite Aid, and Walgreens. Decide to commit to one store and set up an accurate rewards card account. I do not know anything about Walgreens but I can direct you to 2 great sites for CVS and 1 for Rite Aid.


3rd - research/consider signing up for several different incentive style websites


June/July - Jumping In

After the school year finished I began taking all my new knowledge and coupons and putting them to use. Following the advice of several blogs I started with small specific well planned shopping trips. These small transactions help me recognize the value of shopping with coupons. At this point it really helps to have couponing buddies both my best friend's husband and my sister started “extreme couponing” during this time. Throughout the month of June I was experiencing crazy emotional highs and lows. Sometimes I left the store feeling like I didn’t have a successful trip because I wasn’t getting items free or saving 80-90%. Other times I was on an emotional high after scoring free or dirt cheap items. Throughout the first two months I have constantly reminded myself I committed to couponing all summer. At the end of the summer I will be doing a comprehensive evaluation to determine if this “extreme couponing” will continue to be my primary form of shopping.

Recommendations for the first two months:

 Only buy items you need/want.
 Be open to trying new products/food.
 For every coupon deal set the goal of saving 50% or more on individual items.
 Try to find a couponing buddy.

Words of encouragement:

I PROMISE IT IS WORTH IT! Do the thorough research and spend the extra time in the beginning to set up an organized method of collecting/organizing coupons. The additional time in the beginning will be worth it.

Stay Tuned for further adventures in Couponing....

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday's Entrepreneur: Sweet ‘n Savory Cuisine

Every Monday at PF4P, we like to start the week off on a positive note, so we bring you stories of people like us who have turned a passion, hobby, talent, or skill into something that provides them with either full-time or part-time income.

Sweet 'n Savory Cuisine is a newly started family business, run by Melody Stiles, her mother, brother, and sister. Melody is the “Pastry Chef”, while her brother is the "Exec. Chef". Sweet ‘n Savory is based in Laurel, MD and delivers ALL orders. Their goal is to grow enough to use a food truck as their primary means of distribution. Our goal is to provide excellent food quality that is not of the "normal" Soul Food variety. The menu is quite eclectic, and all is delicious!

Take a look:


Barbecue Chicken (Macaroni and Cheese and Collard Greens) $9

Crab-stuffed Fish (Wild Rice Pilaf and Roasted Asparagus) $10

Italian Chicken (Italian Rice and Spinach)$8
Roasted Chicken (Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Broccoli Almondine)* $8
*contains nuts

Smothered Pork Chops (Sweet Potatoes and Green Beans)$9

*All entrees come with your choice of bread

Individual Sides

Broccoli Almondine* $2
*contains nuts
Collard Greens $2
Garlic Mashed Potatoes $2
Green Beans $2
Italian Rice $2
Macaroni and Cheese $2
Roasted Asparagus $2
Spinach $2
Sweet Potatoes $2
Wild Rice Pilaf $2

Soup of the Day

Monday – Chicken Noodle Soup
Tuesday – Beef Vegetable Soup
Wednesday – Red Bean Chili
Thursday – Split Pea Soup
Friday – New England Clam Chowder
$3 per bowl
*Soups are seasonal or by request

All drinks are $1
Hawaiian Punch
Iced Tea


Red Velvet Cupcake $2.00
Carrot Cake Cupcake* $2.00
*contains nuts
Sour Cream Pound Cake $1.50
Zucchini Bread $1.50


Cornbread $1.00
Wheat Bread $.50

Specials of the Day

Meatloaf - Mondays
Chicken Fried - Wednesdays
Fish Fried - Fridays

All specials are $6

Hours of Operation:
Orders taken: Anytime

Deliveries made: Mon. Wed. Fri. 10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
*If outside of 20-mile radius, you must have a minimum of 10 orders placed for delivery.

We Will Cater Your Event!

To inquire about catering for your event, contact us for details.
Sweet ‘n Savory Cuisine

“Savor the Flavor”

Phone: (240) 586-2114
(202) 497-6365

Sweet ‘n Savory Cuisine is a small, family owned business that is just starting out. We, at PF4TP, do everything we can to help other small, start up businesses.

Next time you need an event catered give Sweet ‘n Savory Cuisine a try! …And tell them PF4TP sent you!

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Friendships bloom at the EMRS booth!

By Yvonne To Yi Man, Year 2, Diploma in Accountancy & Finance
Team 4 posing with Donald Duck, one of the mascots roaming around
My School, the School of Business Management (SBM), Teaching Enterprise Programme (TEP) celebrated Friendship Day - a day dedicated to honour the beautiful relationship of friendship. On 13th July 2011, at least 410 participants supported the booth set up by the Event Management and Roadshow (EMRS) Team 4 students. Every member wore a different colour for their tops which symbolises the vibrancy and youthfulness of the friendship day atmosphere.

Highlights of the day included song dedications and heartfelt messages were written on a giant greeting board for their friends. Some of the songs dedicated included I’m Yours by Jason Mraz, Rolling in the Deep by Adele and so many more. What caught my eye on the giant greeting board was a quotation written by anonymous saying A True Friend Is Someone Who Sees the Pain in Your Eyes While Everyone Else Believes the Smile on Your Face.
Dedications written on our lovely board

A photo booth with a colourful backdrop was put up for students to take pictures with their friends while wearing the hand-made, free friendship bands. A total of 410 colourful hand-made friendship bands had been made by EMRS Team 4 with much love.

“After days of hard work, the sight of 410 completed friendship bands provides you with a sense of achievement and you’ll feel that your hard work injected was all worthwhile” said Lindsey Loh, a member of the team.

The friendship bands attracted many to visit the booth and have also captured many hearts. Many commented on the attractiveness of the friendship bands and showed their appreciation with a word of thanks along with a smile.

Robin Goh, an EMRS Team 4 member said, “You do feel happy yourself when groups of students walk out from the booth wearing the friendship bands that you’ve made, especially when they thank you for your effort.”
Friendship bands!

Although it was a challenge to Team 4 due to shortages in manpower and time, everyone ended their day with a sense of fulfilment, satisfaction and most importantly many felt that this event was a successful and a memorable one. The day was really enjoyable because the air was filled with laughter and joy. This was also evident from the pictures which were then uploaded on the “TEP celebrates Friendship Day 2011” Facebook page.

This event was definitely a mega hit and we have also successfully shared the message of treasuring your friends across the SBM cohort. Let’s remember and cherish Friendship Day, not only on Friendship Day itself, but also for every single day of our lives as well.

Book of the Month Contest: Smart Women Finish Rich

Every month PF4TP is going to being holding a contest for the "Book of the Month". The winner will be the personal with the best answer to the month's contest question and will be choosen on the 15th of each month. To enter, Like our Facebook page and leave your entry on our wall.

This Month's Book:

Smart Women Finish Rich by David Bach


For me, this is the book that started this whole movement I am starting towards financial independence for the underserved. A good friend of mine suggested I read this book when I told her I was having financial trouble while I was in Grad School. After reading this book I started really getting into personal finance and reading as many blogs as I could. And the rest is history….lol…..

Things I learned from the book:

1. Spending a little bit on coffee or a bag of chips adds up. Bach calls this the “Latte Factor”. Cutting back on how much is spent on waste full things, which could be brought from home for much cheaper, can save a lot of money. You would be surprised. Think about it….if you spend $3.50 a day on coffee, in a week you have spent $17.50, in a month $70, in a year $840 on coffee that you could make at home. Now think about all those little things you buy daily and how much money you waste. The biggest waste of money, to me, is buying lunch instead of bringing it from home. I bring my lunch almost every day and notice a big difference in how much more money I spend on days I bring my lunch.

2. In the beginning of the book Bach told of his grandmother and how she taught him about investing. She told him to invest in things he liked, so his first stock purchases were McDonalds as a young boy. When I start investing, I know my strategy…

3. Taking the time to find out where your money is going will change how you spend your money. At the time I first read this book I was spending about $150 a week eating out in the campus fast food places. After noticing this is started cooking (I learned I love to cook also) and now have signature dishes that people request.

4. Trying to keep up with the “Jones’” is the best way to end up in a bad financial position.

5. You have to start somewhere in your journey towards financial independence, why not here? Now? Bach focused this book on women because women so often play no part in the financial aspect of their relationships, but the lessons can be for anyone.

The Contest Question for this month is:

What is the best advice (or example was set for you) you received as a child about money?

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Making IT Great is Just His First Step

By Kishen Van Anker, Year 2, Diploma in Business Management

Joshua Tan receiving his award from Mr. John Fernandes, Director, Business & Marketing Organisation, Microsoft Singapore
Diploma in Information Technology student Joshua Tan may only be in Year 2, but he was already made a Microsoft Student Partner in Year 1, which is a rarity. On top of that, he recently won the Microsoft Office 2010 Make-It-Great Ambassador competition and is now Singapore’s First-Ever Microsoft Office 2010 Make-It-Great Ambassador. We interviewed Joshua to find out why he makes the perfect Microsoft Make-It-Great Ambassador.

What made you take part in the competition?

I have always been a firm believer that Microsoft Office applications are not fully utilized and would like to educate people on how to use Microsoft Office to its fullest. It was undoubtedly passion that made me take part in the competition. It is also this burning passion for IT and computers that led me to pursue everything IT: the course, the competitions and certifications.

Why did you pursue the Diploma in Information Technology at NYP?

IT has always been my interest. I started developing websites since Primary 3. During my Secondary education, choosing the IT Club as my CCA was a natural choice and I was the Club’s president for 2 years.

I chose NYP because it is well known for their IT diplomas and I am happy with the exposure and opportunities given to me on various fronts. I have also been awarded the iDA Integrated Infocomm Scholarship upon starting my diploma studies in NYP.

How did you prepare for the competition?

I had to select a piece of work done which showcases the innovative and creative use of the Microsoft Office suite of applications. For this competition, I chose a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation which I created for the purpose of highlighting musical scores. After being shortlisted, I had to prepare for a video interview which required me to demonstrate and highlight features of Microsoft PowerPoint in an unconventional and creative manner.

Tell us more about the competition. How did you feel during the competition and what were its highlights?

There were many requisites that I needed to satisfy such as being able to use Microsoft Office applications creatively and having unique features in my entry. Other factors include the extent of social media coverage I garnered, and the quality of the metadata in the entry.

The entire duration of the competition was one month. Out of 50 participants, nine finalists were chosen for the video interview. They had to showcase the uniqueness of their chosen work which was created using Microsoft Office applications. Also, a Facebook ‘fanpage’ was created for all nine competitors.

A Microsoft ‘Back-to-School’ roadshow was organized for the public to buy Microsoft applications and accessories for their children who are heading back to school after the June holidays. Through this roadshow, the Make-IT-Great event was shared among the public and it also served as a platform for competitors to garner more votes through their Facebook fanpage.

Before the competition, I was actually eagerly waiting to see other entries after submitting mine. After being shortlisted, I was pretty excited about the video interview. Being an avid classical music lover, I used music as a theme for the video interview.

How has NYP supported you throughout the competition?

It was through Mr. Gary Lim from the School of Information Technology that I got to know about the competition. NYP has provided me with excellent training opportunities in preparation for the competition.

What have you gained overall in this competition?

I have gained insurmountable experience from my lecturers, peers and also from the business communities whom I interacted with during the course of the competition.

It was also a great opportunity to expand my social network. The competition has also further reinforced my understanding of the product (in this case, Microsoft Office 2010 applications) and with this win, it further fuels my passion for IT.

What does being crowned Singapore’s very own Microsoft Office 2010 Make-It-Great Ambassador mean to you?

It definitely means a lot to me. It is an inaugural event and I am glad to have won the title. This title will allow me to do more in sharing all the awesome features of Office 2010 with my fellow Singaporeans and people who want to optimize their time via the use of the Microsoft Office suite.

Through this win, it will provide me the resources and my first step will be getting involved in Microsoft Roadshows and other publicity campaigns in the coming months. I would also like to evangelize to people the features of Microsoft Office 2010 that are not commonly used.

A few words to all aspiring IT students who are interested in the competition?

Prepare to commit fully throughout the competition. Always understand the responsibilities needed as a competitor before, during and after the competition. Finally, if you have the passion, just go for it and Make-It-Great!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Blogshop Till You Drop: How Did We Do It?

By Kishen Van Anker, Year 2, Diploma in Business Management

Held at the NYP Atrium on 11 and 12 July, Blogshop Till You Drop was a shopping roadshow that showcased many blogshops selling apparel, stationery, gifts and accessories for the male and female student population. Organized by Events Management and Road Show (EMRS) students as part of their Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP), it was an event filled with highlights such as flash mobs and a Blogshop King and Queen contest. External vendors such as Frolick ice-cream and Ramlee Burgers added to the festivities. We interviewed School of Business Management students Herman Tan and Leonard Loh, to find out how they put the entire event together!
Leonard Loh (left) and Herman Tan, both in charge of the event
How many blogshops were present at the event?

Leonard: There were a total of 26 blogshops, which were carefully screened to suit NYP students.

Tell us more about the preparations for the event in Day 1 and Day 2 respectively?

Herman: On Day 1, setting up of fixtures and other logistical equipment started at 8:30am. Food stalls
came in at 9am without any delays. It took about 45 minutes to set up everything. This, of course, could
not be done without the collective effort of the guys from EMRS. The event took off earlier than
expected at 10am. Once Day 1 of the event has ended, the team discussed and finalised the manpower requirements for Day 2. This was indeed a test of our time management and passion.

On Day 2, we had to set up the runway which nearly stretched to the entrance of the auditorium. It was
no easy feat but we managed to set it up and thankfully faced no problems. Instructions were given out
to specific students assigned with regards to the event highlights we had planned – a flash mob and
Blogshop King & Queen competition. Our emcees managed to pull in a good lunchtime crowd during the fashion parade and it went well with no major hiccups. Our very own EMRS students also performed a flash mob right after the competition.

Finally, we had a mystery flash mob at 4:15pm that even some EMRS students were not informed about.
This was so we could surprise them during the closure for Blogshop Till You Drop.

What were the challenges you faced?

Herman: We have been in school for more than 10 hours each day, and many of us have other commitments (CCAs, leadership camps, etc). Therefore, having the need to prioritize and be flexible is imperative. Passion is also necessary because to fulfill a task, one needs the drive to do it well.

Another challenge has to be tagging of every product with the right price tag. It was by, no means, an easy task because it has to be accurate, leaving no room for error. We would not want a case where we over or under charge a customer by tagging the wrong price tag.

The third challenge was getting the blogshops to confirm their attendance for the event. Because most blogshop owners hold full time jobs or are full time students like us, and it wasn’t easy to get hold of them. We managed to do so after much perseverance.

What have you learned from organizing such an event, Leonard?

Leonard: I have learned to communicate effectively with my fellow EMRS mates. I have also learned to
listen actively when my supervisors are giving us instructions and tasks, especially when these tasks need to be completed within a specific time. To lead such an event, one has to be patient, passionate and driven in order to produce a successful event.

Thank you, Herman and Leonard for your time.

Monday, July 18, 2011

DC’s Tenant Town Hall 2011


On July 16th, I attended the second part of my lessons into gentrification, tenant rights, and Co-Op’s. I attended the Tenant Town Hall sponsored by The Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC); featuring ONE DC, Empower DC, CARECEN, the Coalition for Non-Profit Housing and Economic Development, DC Jobs with Justice, Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless, Legal Aid Society of DC, Bread for the City, Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center, AARP Legal Counsel for the Elderly. As well as DC Mayor Vincent Gray, Councilmember’s Tommy Wells and Jim Graham, Department of Housing and Community Development, Office of the Tenant Advocate, Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, and DC Housing Finance Agency.

Needless to say, if you live in DC and are having issues with your housing, this was the place you needed to be. And a lot of people were there. A lot of people who have been long time DC residents who are being forced out of their affordable homes and replaced with condos and such with supposed “affordable housing”. I was home hunting in DC not too long ago and I’m not sure where this “affordable” housing is located.

Again, I was surprised by the diversity of the residents affected by these changes. I’m not sure why I was surprised because DC is a very diverse place and what affects one group, ultimately affects other groups also. I think I had blinders on to the plight of other groups in DC due to my proximity and likeness with one particular group.

I loved how the Town Hall was structured: you heard about the problem, then you heard the Elected Officials try to explain why things are and are not happening. I know one thing for sure; you get the controlled in a room where they outnumber those doing the controlling there is a shift in who holds the power. The voiceless get a chance to converse with those who have the voice. Per usual, there were a few disagreements about where funding was going, had gone, or will be going. Pretty interesting…

My man Oscar spoke about the troubles his tenant association was having with funding. Other topics such as the “Increase in Housing Tenant Association Act of 2011”, tenant association involvement in redevelopment, the Tenant task force on DCRA inspections (touchy subject), and the Housing for all Campaign.

So many places DC residents call home are unlivable because of slumlords, the lack of funding, and property owners pushing the citizens of DC out of their homes; but the residents fight for their homes. It’s really sad that property owners, like most business-mind folks, are more interested in money than the lives of the people they are suppose to be serving.

Then, like I mentioned, the Elected Officials tried to explain to a room full of worried people that everything will be ok. Some of what was said seemed to please the crowd, like the addition of 20 inspectors. Some of what was said was said with objection and doubt. But overall, I was pleased by the responses from the Elected Officials. Now if they uphold what they promised, that’s on them.

The thing that stood out the most to me about the event was, again, how people from all different backgrounds, cultures, and races are so willing to band together and fight for their homes….together. So often in society we see differences at odds with each other, simply because of their differences. I also know that poor living conditions, lack of rights, poor treatment by an oppressor will bring people together. Both those being oppressed and those who are allies in their fight.

As someone who is NOT an activist but has an activist’s heart, seeing this togetherness is inspiring beyond words. Simply knowing these issues exist and having talking sessions regarding the issues isn’t enough (one issue I have with the Sociology I studied – a lot of talking and a little doing). The People of DC are setting the example; I hope DC’s Elected Officials keep up their end of the deal.

All of this has got me thinking how importance personal finance truly is. These are hard working people, working low paying jobs just to survive and to add the pressure of a horrible living situation makes understanding and practicing the fundamentals of personal finance that much more important. Being in control of your finances allows you to control so many other aspects of your life. You don’t have to worry about someone telling you that you have to move from your home, or if that situation arises you are prepared financially. Being prepared and knowledgeable financially isn’t something we are taught, especially minorities who struggle to provide their families with the basic needs.

One suggestion I would make as a personal finance “person” is for some type of basic financial education be implemented as part of the process so many DC residents are facing. Providing this basic education will place some power in the residents’ hands and more control over their own lives. Understanding the importance of saving, budgeting, priorities, and credit are so under prioritized by those who feel they are barely surviving financially. Understanding the need for something as basic as a checking account, or how to use one properly use and maintain one. Understanding the importance of paying bills on time, or paying them at all. Understanding priorities – my mother ask to tell me in the store if what I wanted was a WANT, a NEED, or a WANT to NEED – and how prioritizing can solve portion of their financial issues. With this knowledge, DC residents become empowered to provide a positive example for their children breaking the cycle of “just making it”.

These reasons are why I started Personal Finance 4 The People. I want to use my voice, passion, and abilities to help others understand the importance of basic personal finance and to better the quality of their lives and of those in their communities. It is my passion. It is my goal to educate as many as I can in this area we should all be taught as children but life often gets in the way of how things are suppose to happen. I want to start a movement!!

“We Own This” chronicling the housing struggles of DC residents.

If you want to help or to lend your voice click on the links I provided at the beginning of this post. DC’s housing troubles aren’t DC’s alone, at some point we will all face the same situation whether through the same issues, foreclosure, or whatever the circumstance may happen to be…

Monday's Entrepreneur: Saheed Fawehinmi: Artist, Poet, Dopeness

Every Monday at PF4P, we like to start the week off on a positive note, so we bring you stories of people like us who have turned a passion, hobby, talent, or skill into something that provides them with either full-time or part-time income.


Today, we bring you Saheed Fawehinmi, an Artist, Poet, Dancer, and Web Designer. Saheed is a very passionate man, and it shows in his work. Saheed is part of the PF4TP family so we might be a little biased, but we only work with the best! He does everything from logos to fliers to websites to dope pieces of art; a renaissance man with a big heart that comes through when you have one conversation with him.

Click here to visit Saheed Faweinmi, the Graphic Designer,Web designer, and Illustrator.

Click here to visit Truartist, the Artist, Poet, and Dancer.

And just because I think it’s dope as, ummm...poo-poo….check this out:

If you need Mr. Fawehinmi’s services click here to find him...and tell him PF4TP sent you!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

What Was Your Financial “Ah Ha” Moment?

My financial moment of realization that I didn’t have to live in debt was when I realized that I make enough money that I should be able to buy a pair of shoes or take a vacation without worrying about money. This moment came after being in a relationship and sharing expenses for 2 years, it was just me and my money after that. And my money didn’t go as far as I would like. I made a conscious decision to make a change, it’s been hard and there have been a lot of road bumps along the way but I’m slowly making progress.

I got my finances in order by first analyzing my spending using and making a budget. It’s taken a couple tries to come up with a budget I can stick to, but the important thing is I have a budget that works for me. Next, I made a list of all my bills, dates they are due, and how much; I put the dates the bills are due on my calendar at work, at home, and on my phone (I’m kinda forgetful). The next step was to figure out who I owe, I made a list of all the people I KNOW I owe and pulled my credit reports. Then I made another list of the debts according to my priorities to pay them off. The only thing left to do is follow my plan.

I give myself a weekly allowance and whatever is left over at the end of the week goes into a jar for my “tattoo fund”, this seems to be working pretty well so far. Like I have mentioned before, I have started selling things on eBay, using coupons whenever possible, and using the Food Share program to buy most of my groceries for the month.

It’s a long road, but at least I’m on the road to financial independence.


Friday, July 15, 2011

Confessions of a Couponer


A couple posts back I wrote about my interest in those who coupon and are successful at it, well it turns out one of my good old college buddies is a couponer. I asked her a couple of questions, check out the interview:


Thanks for agreeing to do this. I find this so fascinating and want to get into this a little
bit. One thing that I do use that helps with coupons and savings and paying back my
loans is using UPromise…if you don’t use it you should check it out.

What got you started couponing?

I first started “couponing” 2 years ago when I had Audrey. After having the baby I spent three months at home in between jobs. During that time I started using coupons for baby supplies and I found out about CVS. After returning to work I ran out of time and just did very basic formula and diaper couponing. Recently my best friend’s husband started getting into “extreme couponing” the TLC show. So I watched a few episodes and got motivated to start couponing again.

Where do you get your coupons? Newspaper? Websites?

Mostly the newspaper, I buy one or two newspapers on Sundays that have coupons. On Thursdays I receive a free paper which includes a set of coupons (usually). I also get coupons from Target,, A great way to save is use store coupons which usually can be found on specific store websites. CVS (one of my main store that I stop at on a weekly basis) has a machine that will print store coupons in the store you can print new coupons every day/visit.

Do you have a strategy?

I try to make sure I always save at least 50 or 60% on any items that I’m buying for storing. My goal is always to get the best price.

Do you buy crazy amounts of stuff like on the show Extreme Couponing?

I don’t think so but it depends on what you consider crazy. I do usually buy multiples. Like today I purchased 2 packs of disposable razors because they were free. Also I have purchased three mayos, mustards, and A1 sauces at a time. The idea is you buy multiples of the items so that it will last you until the next time the super sale and coupon combination come along. From what I’ve read it tends to be sales rotate on a 6 month schedule (but I’m to new to this to really tell)

What has been your biggest savings since starting?

Well things I have gotten for FREE: razors, pasta, seasoning packets, shower gel, an air freshener, kitty treats, and paper towels

Do you have any tips or suggestions for someone who wants to pick up

Its a process that takes time so you have to be patient in the beginning. Once you get in the habit the whole process will be less involved. My biggest suggestion is find the closest drug store and learn about their specific program. I started with CVS because that was the closest to me and their shopper program is pretty easy to use. Last week I add Rite Aid to my shopping plans and they seem to have an even better program. There are tons of videos on that break down “how to shop at rite aid or CVS”. Also as soon as you commit to couponing you have to begin organizing your coupons. There are several different methods - try to pick one method and stick with it.

Stay tuned for more Confessions of a Couponer....

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Smile and Say Ahhh at the Teaching Dental Clinic!

By Rafidah Sapa'at, Year 2, Diploma in Dental Hygiene & Therapy 
Who knew that right here in our very own school exists a Teaching Dental Clinic at Block H, Level 5. Imagine your primary school dental clinic but without the presence of stern dental nurses at its helm. Instead, final year Dental Hygiene & Therapy students are at hand to provide dental services under the supervision of qualified dentists and staff.

The Teaching Dental Clinic opens every Monday for all staff and students of NYP. As of June 2011, the clinic has been visited by over 159 staff and 238 students since it first started in October 2008. Examination and treatment are carried out by final year Dental Hygiene & Therapy (DHT) students, who have undergone extensive clinical training by supervisors from the National Dental Centre (NDC) and the Health Promotion Board (HPB).
Final year students using the dental x-ray unit
Comprising of a waiting and reception area, two fully equipped dental surgeries and an x-ray room, the Teaching Dental Clinic aims to provide final year students with the hands-on experience of managing a private dental clinic under the supervision of a dentist.

Costing only $7, the dental services provided includes dental x-rays, scaling and polishing of teeth, oral health education as well as further dental consultation and a referral to a specialist if required.

Once the students graduate, they will take on the role of Oral Health Therapist working either in the public sector (School Dental Clinics, Polyclinics or Dental Institutions) or work as a team with the dentist in private clinics. Until they graduate, the final year students manage and treat patients under close supervision.

Having experienced clinical work for the past year, the final year students are aware and understand the fear and anxiety of most patients. Thus, the patient’s comfort is a top priority for the students.

Said Tan Le Yin Ester, one of the final year DHT students, “We talk to them to make them feel welcomed and to calm them down. We will also show and explain to them about their oral health problems and the instruments we use so that the patients will be less fearful of the treatment.”

Indeed judging by the number of patients coming for dental visits to the Teaching Dental Clinic at an average of 10 patients per day on the Mondays that the clinic operates on, the response has been very positive. The management is intending to open the clinic on Wednesdays as well in the next semester, starting in October

“The whole treatment was pleasant and Ester was very clear when giving oral health instructions”, said Xing Hong, a recent NYP graduate who had just undergone a scaling and polishing treatment. “I would definitely visit again and recommend it to my friends!”

The Teaching Dental Clinic opens every Monday from 8am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5.30pm at Block H, Level 5, Room H514. Please call 6550 1300 to book an appointment.

This is the way we brush our teeth

Co-Op’s, Gentrification, and Lots of Walking

On July 11, 2011, I was invited to participate and cover the “Before and After Tour” of Affordable Housing Struggles in NW Neighborhoods hosted by the Tenant Advocates that introduced me to a lot of parts and programs of DC that I never knew existed. Two of the organizations involved were the Latino Economic Development Corporation (LEDC) and Save Our Safety Net (S.O.S) – great organizations and even better people. The tour took us on a looooong walk around the Columbia Heights and Petworth neighborhoods of NW DC – areas I definitely am not familiar with past the Columbia Heights Metro Station (I have a really funny story about an incident at this particular station…but that will have to wait.) We saw two before buildings and two after buildings.


As someone with a background in Sociology, a passion for helping others, and a financial mindedness I was very excited for the opportunity to participate. I knew about the gentrification “issue” DC is currently having, but never thought about it from this specific aspect; from the view point of the effect of gentrification of DC’s many Latino residence. I know all about the effects on DC’s low income African American population because I am experiencing the push from DC. I live right across the street from part of DC and my neighborhood has changed a lot since I moved here in 2007. The neighborhood was quieter and, sadly, safer before the BIG push of moving the poor out and the, well, not poor in. As with any show of force, there was a ripple effect to surrounding areas in the Maryland and Virginia areas because those pushed out needed a place to live and so on… I guess since I see it from this side, I failed to even consider our partners in minority-dom.

Let me go ahead and be honest and admit I didn’t know much about Co-Op’s before I start talking about them, acting like I knew all about them. They kinda made me think of Hippies, for some reason.

But anyway….

I love Co-Op’s. From a financial aspect, as well as a Sociological aspect. I love them. The idea of a group of people coming together for a common cause and coexisting was great enough to make up for the loooong walk, ok it wasn’t THAT long but it was hot. But add in the people we are talking about. Minorities…coming together to take control of their own lives. Essentially that is what it is; they no longer have to be indebted to someone else, they own it….together. Also, its minorities financially coming together to own something. I love it all!

DC is the only place to have a law allowing the tenants to buy the building from either the owner or a Third Party. This is the Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act (TOPA). Click here to read more about TOPA.

Click here to see the documentary We Own This! Documentary By LEDC

Each building in the tour had its own charming aspects…

Once I joined the tour, after the first building – a before building. The next building was cool for two reasons. The first reason is because the building was originally but by Abe Polin, who owned the Washington Wizards, for his family. The second reason is the beauty of the building, inside and out. The building is beautifully preserved actual original Art D├ęcor. But in the inside of the building was an amazing story. The President of the Tenants Association is a woman named Lynn Welters and she has lived in that very building since the age of 11. She carries on a family tradition that began with her mother of presiding over the association. She knows every inch of that building form years spent playing in its halls and courtyards. And she’s not the only one with a long past living in the building. As a person who moved around a lot in life, I can’t imagine living in one place essentially my entire life. Amazing. Then there is the story building’s story that of its current condition intertwined with its rich past.

Currently, all that is beautiful about the building is almost canceled out by all that is ugly about the building. This building has aged as its residents have, but not as well. The roof leaks, pipes burst on a regular, the wiring is ridicules but then you walk in an apartment and see the original wood flooring and the original art deco design. The contrast is amazing. But the residents stay and fight to keep the building theirs despite the condition of the building. The conversations had a lot of “hopefully”, “possibly”, wish” –ing going on. But still they fight, to keep their home.

The third building on the tour was incredible because of one person, Oscar. Oscar is a very kind-hearted man, who holds doors open for women (those that know me know why that is an attribute I value highly as part of masculine/feminine interaction, it speaks to a respect for others), the kind of guy that will look at you with sincerity in his eyes and admit he needs help navigating the system….and the kind of guy that opens his home to you to discuss his situation – then offers you a water after. There aren’t many Oscars left in our society.

Oscar explained about the building and the process but the most compelling part was when he explained that the process and its many threats are more damaging for his family, especially his kids. He told of how convenient this building he had lived in for years was for he and his fellow residents. How his wife works at the school in the neighborhood and his children attend school there. He explained how the public transportation system is so important to the residents and the programs in the city so important, and that if they had to move they would have to leave DC because rent is so high. You could feel his heart aching. The sociology, the money, and the compassion in me wanted to all jump and do whatever I could to help. Writing this blog is the first step, the next step is to figure out how I can be helpful in something I have no idea about.

Oscar accompanied us to the fourth building, as it is an established Co-Op. The cool part about this building its associations' willingness to help someone who is in the same position many of its residents were in many years before. The two presidents do what presidents do, exchanged numbers and discussed logistics. And with that the tour was done. So, what had I learned?

1. Gentrification is "good" for those doing the gentrifying and bad for those receiving the gentrifying.
2. Co-Op’s are very cool conceptually and financially.
3. Kind people still exist.
4. People can still come together for a greater good.


This wasn’t the regular “personal finance” post that normally would be featured on this blog. But if you think about it, this whole piece was about personal finance…


Oh, and if your in DC this Saturday come out to the Tenant Town's kinda important...


Introduction to TEP: Accounting Services Centre

By Yvonne To Yi Man & Najla Feroz, Year 2, Diploma in Accounting & Finance
Our last day at Accounting Services Centre
Teaching Enterprise Project (TEP) is a term you will come to be familiar with in your second year if you belong to the School of Business Management.
TEP covers three different stopovers which comprises of half-shift, full-shift and also classical (classes with two modules). Today, we would like to share with you about our experience in the Accounting Services Centre (ASC), where we had our half-shift stopover.

Learning to use different types of accounting software
ASC is something all accounting students will go through. It is extremely challenging yet fulfilling because it provides students with an insight about the accounting industry. We learnt how to use the Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) accounting software, which comes in handy during internships. The fun part of the software is when you see how a transaction is being recorded in various business industries, and learn how to analyse the financial statements and reports!

Working at the ASC has allowed us to learn how to use Microsoft excel advance functions which is an eye-opener because we have all heard about how wonderful this software is but do not really understand what it is capable of doing. After ASC, you will be able to create fully automated forms with updated stock lists and so many more! This equips us with the skills needed to impress our future internship providers!

Besides all the amazing software we experienced, we also got to audit various outlets located in our campus such as MSC Studio, Cheers, the pharmacy and Mini Challenger. This provided us with a first-hand experience on how the audit process works.
We made many friends at TEP!
And as the saying goes, what is life without a challenge? Similarly, ASC had its challenges for us. These challenges are what made us strive to do our level best regardless of task. Amongst the key challenges we faced was working on audit, something we had no background on. Besides this, we also face the challenge of working with people we have not worked with before. This certainly was directed at preparing us for the working world. And no doubt, all of us at ASC definitely appreciate this challenge because it led to us making new friends.

So, what you can expect from ASC is to strengthen the bonds of friendship between classmates and have a whole lot of fun in exploring the different parts of Accounting in the various scopes planned by our dedicated lecturers.

What you will need to equip yourself with before entering into ASC is the readiness to learn, perseverance, determination and a positive attitude. With all that, we are sure that you will enjoy yourself with this experience.

Said Yong Hui Shan, a Year 2 Diploma in Accounting & Finance student, “ASC has not only imparted knowledge to us but has also given us the chance to broaden our network of friends. And no doubt, the friendships made and the knowledge gained from ASC are things that will stay with me for a lifetime!”

We wish you all the best!