Thursday, July 29, 2010

Welcome to the First Days of Your NEW Financial Lives

All our lives we are told “go to school, get a good education”, “you can be anything you want to be”, “try your best and you will succeed”. Ok, then what? We go to school and go to school and leave with huge amounts of student loans that leave us behind before we even start. We don’t really know what we want to be because we have always been told we can be anything and were never made to actually figure it out. We aren’t taught how to handle the financial stresses of being an adult. Being young and unprepared for the adult world has left many of us financially unable to live the lives we were always told we could have.

Financial education should have been as important as the other subjects forced on us in our youth, but for many of us how to control money was never a topic of choice in schools and in our homes. This neglect has left us unprepared and ashamed to ask for help.

Credit cards, auto loans, student loans, living expenses, balancing it all on an income that doesn’t quite meet our financial demands leaves us feeling frustrated and stuck. No one said it would be this hard.
Along the way I have figured some things out, mostly the hard way, and want to pass what I have learned onto others. As a team, we will devise a plan, budget, and dig out from the financial holes we were so unprepared to handle. Like anything in life climbing out from debt isn’t easy, which is why most of us never try, but with a helping hand or an open ear we can do it together.

Don’t put off today what will help you live easy tomorrow. I am here to help! Contact me when you are ready to keep more of your money in your own pockets!

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