Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday's Entrepreneur: Ramit Sethi

Every Monday, we, at PF4P like to start the week off on a positive note, so I try to bring you stories of people like you and I who have turned a passion or skill into something we all may use or at least heard of.

Today, we bring to you Ramit Sethi. Ramit runs I Will Teach You To Be Rich. His ideas on personal finance are a bit different from most, well really different. He focuses more on earning more than subtracting things from your life. He gives tips on how to negotiate more income, start a business, how to turn free time and hobbies into extra income.

Honestly, I havn't been reading the emails I get from him, but the past couple have peaked my interested, so I am going to pay more attention and try to use his techniques in my life.

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