Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday's Entrepreneur: Chef Veronica and Relevé PCS

Every Monday at PF4P, we like to start the week off on a positive note, so we bring you stories of people like us who have turned a passion, hobby, talent, or skill into something that provides them with either full-time or part-time income.

Personal Finance 4 The People is pleased to introduce to you Relevé Personal Chef Service. What makes Relevé so different from the other businesses we have featured?

Well, Relevé is what inspired Personal Finance 4 The People. I met Chef Veronica as she was putting the finishing touches on her business and just by talking to her I could see her passion. That passion helped me to see my own passion and through some conversations Chef Veronica persuaded me to take my own passion and do something with it…

Enough about me…

Relevé Personal Chef Service offers a menu selection consultations, grocery shopping for all ingredients, meal preparations, packaging and labeling, reheating instructions and complete kitchen clean up.

Chef Veronica Jackson, FSP trained at Johnson & Wales University and is a Nationally Certified Culinarian. She has expertise in various cuisines from Traditional French and European to Asian Fusion. Chef Jackson also plans to dedicate time to Arcadia summer programs via the Woodlawn Plantation located in Alexandria, VA as well as other community based projects.

Chef Veronica supports and advocates recycling, green practices, sustainability and is also an advocate of the food revolution, dedicated to fighting for fresh food in America’s schools.

Enough words, look at the works of art for yourself.






And something to drink it all down with...


So,stop wasting time and call Chef Veronica today!

Relevé Personal Chef Service

...and as always....Tell 'em Personal Finance 4 The People sent you!!!!

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