Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Great Credit Score Jump

I have a friend who I have been working with on her credit with her. When we met she was in debt and had many delinquencies on her Credit Reports. Let’s say when I began working with her, her score was 500. About a year later her score had jumped to 600 by staying focused.

I sat down with her and made a plan, after she got her 3 Credit Reports, and went over her situation. Together we decided on a budget that she felt comfortable with. Each delinquent creditor was contacted in the order of what was owed and some actually made our job easy by sending her letters with a much smaller amount to be paid in trade for the entire balance. The creditors she called, she simply worked with them on a payment plan and had them automatically take the money out of her account on set days a month. When we checked her credit a year later she had one delinquency left for $300.

She had no other debt, other than student debt or we would have used the Snowball Method to pay off the debts.

Next, she needed to build credit because all her previous credit cards had been closed. This is bad because your credit card history is a big part of our credit score. She shopped around and found the right credit card geared towards people with bad or no credit and she is working on building a responsible credit history and building her Emergency Fund.

This is a service that I am now offering to others. If you would like a consultation or to discuss your financial situation email me at Keep in mind; I am a regular person just like you. I am not a professional, but I am on the same journey and do a lot of research. I am here to HELP you get organized and stay motivated. When you are ready to be financially independent, I’m here to help.

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