Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dream BIG


I have this dream of working for myself one day. I dream of turning PF4TP into a serious Non-Profit that helps people to get out of debt, teach financial management, and the teach people the overall basics of becoming and maintaining financial independence.

Right now, I work a typical “9-5” that I am very unhappy at but it pays the bills.

I know several people who have their own companies and while the work never ends, they seem much happier with what they do for a living. They are doing what they love and getting paid to do it. Who wouldn’t want to live that life?

If When I do work for myself, I don’t mind having to still work my “9-5” and having the satisfaction that I don’t NEED that job. And GRATELY await the day I can do what I love my own way.

Do you dream of working for yourself in some capacity? Doing what? What are you doing to make this dream happen?

Dreaming BIG makes meeting your dream even sweeter since you worked so hard to get there.


Your dream is waiting, so...


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