Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Small Ways to Save Money - Bank Fees

Let’s face it, bank fees SUCK! So, stop paying them. Most banks have some type of free checking and/or savings account. Meaning, it cost you nothing to keep your money with their bank. Why would you pay a bank to hold your money, they should pay you! Does your checking or savings account charge you a monthly or yearly fee?

Another fee that sucks from banks are ATM fees. I always try to use my OWN bank to withdraw money, or I take out extra cash when I am at the store. ATM fees are a lazy fee or a fee for convenience. You are charged double and the fee could be as much as $5 or more in total for using a foreign bank (not your own).


Next time you are in need of some cash, try to plan your trip so you run by one of our own ATM’s. You get hit with these fees enough and it adds up.

Save yourself the money and the stress and use your own ATM or take out extra cash while running errands like groceries.

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